His early works predominantly comprised stand-alone works, mostly portraits highly realistic in nature. However, over the years, Veldman has broadened his artistic horizons, challenging himself to explore new avenues. His painting series, Manicis, which is currently under development, is a culmination of this evolution. It delves into the depths of the human experience and the quest for self-discovery, self-development, and authenticity. Here, he transcends his earlier realistic works, embracing a more narrative and conceptual approach.

Manicis beckons the audience to contemplate themes such as identity, acceptance, and longing. It serves as a conduit for storytelling and fostering empathy, enabling individuals to connect with others in an ever-changing world. These narrative themes and concepts are bolstered by a more spontaneous and liberated approach of painting technique, where vibrant colors, realistic details, and expressive brushstrokes interplay. Manicis will be unveiled in the near future, upon its completion.
Eigen Oogst, 2019.
Dutch Design Week, 2017.
Gogbot Festival Enschede, 2017.
ArtEZ Finals Expo, 2017.
Eigen Oogst Uitgelicht, 2017.
Eigen Oogst, 2016 – Trots.
VondelCS - Het Stilleven, 2014.
Eigen Oogst Uitgelicht, 2014.
Eigen Oogst, 2014.
Eigen Oogst, 2012.
Eigen Oogst Uitgelicht, 2012.
Eigen Oogst, 2011.
Eigen Oogst, 2010.
Eigen Oogst, 2009.
Heutink Winter Fair, 2008.
Eigen Oogst, 2008.
Eigen Oogst, 2007.
Prijzen & Nominaties
Dutch Design Week | Manifestations Young Talents – Level Down, 2017 – Nomination.
Blink Youngblood Award | Level Down, 2017 – Nomination.
ArtEZ Theorieprijs | Scriptie Zucht, 2017 – Nomination.
Eigen Oogst Uitgelicht, 2017. Public vote.
Avrotros: Het Stilleven | Bonen du Maggot, 2014 – Nomination.
Eigen Oogst Uitgelicht, 2014. Public vote.
Cibap Student Topper Award, 2012 – Won.
Eigen Oogst Uitgelicht, 2012. Public vote.
Cibap Student, 2008 – Nomination.
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